You are exclusively in charge of your own site content. It is your duty to guarantee all contents, projects, and records for your account are secure and set proper permissions, regardless of how they were installed.

You are not suppose to use our services to infringe on copyrighted or trademarked material. This includes unauthorized copying or sharing of music, writing, images, video, or other copyrighted material. In the event that your account is hosting trademarked material without authorization, your account will be terminated without refund. On the off chance that your account is hosting copyrighted material without authorization, the copyrighted content will be expelled and your account may be suspended. On the off chance that your account repeatedly violates copyright laws, your account will be terminated without refund. Please email if you believe a website is hosting your copyrighted or trademarked materials without authorization.

Your hosting account is suppose to store website related contents only not for backup or storage space. We highly recommend you backup your account to a location other than Hostingmates servers, for your own security.

We recommend you avode the hosting of following materials in Hostingmates servers. Proxy scripts, Unlicensed software scripts, IP scanners, bruteforce programs, spam scripts gambling/gaming websites, fraudulent sites, live audio/video streaming, sensitive or classified information, image hosting, and other similar material.

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