For effective usage of unlimited hosting space we have set up an initial quota for disk space and bandwidth for all hosting accounts. These quotas are good enough for the effective functioning of a shared hosting account. As we agreed to provide Unlimited hosting space or bandwidth quotas, you can feel fre to contact us to raise the quota when you reach 90% of the allotted quota.

Our servers are optimized for website operation. Server space is intended for storing website related contents not for storage purpose. You are not allowed to use more than 20% of your space for something other than normal operation of your website like multimedia storage, email storage, or backups. If you violate these condition then you are not eligible for quota raise.

We do provide a complete shared server environment and our servers are not suitabele for video streaming websites. You are not allowed to store multimedias like video, music and image files.

The CPU/memory usage of your account is limited to 10% of the total CPU memory, if you continuously violate this condition then your account will be suspended.

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